Cisco Telephone System

We provide Cisco IP phones with the latest technology to meet a range of needs.

Cisco telephone system use the Internet Protocol (IP) network to clearly tie together voice, video, messaging, data, mobility, security, and other business-critical communications tools and applications.

Cisco has a wide variety of offerings when it comes to VoIP phones. When choosing our favorite Cisco IP phones, the first thing we looked for was a high-quality sound. Whether using Bluetooth, handset, speakerphone or even video chat, clear audio is an absolute must and expected from the kind of quality telepresence Cisco has always offered.

We also looked for high-quality features such as programmable keys, a Gigabit switch and key expansion. Further, we judged whether these features were offered at a fair price. We want to determine if these phones provide users real value.

We also looked at whether a phone would last with wear and tear as well as personnel changes and rapid business growth in the years to come.

In our Cisco phone comparison, we also judged phones based on how intuitive and easy to use they were. We know it’s important for staff members to find what they need when they need it.

Dynamix solutions provides you the complete Cisco Telephone System.