Avaya Telephone System

Avaya Telephone systems are one of the leading telephone system in the world. Avaya Telephones are license based telephone communication system.

We provides Avaya IP based telecommunication solutions in various level.

Dynamix solutions provides best avaya telephone system based on the requirements.

The system core equipment and licensing are controlled in your facility or facilities, and nobody cares about system up time like you do. The Avaya IP Office can be deployed in diverse environments, including High Availability options.

Flexibility. The Avaya IP Office can function using multiple carrier connections like landlines, PRIs and SIP trunking services offering the best results for each device on your voice network.

World Class Feature Set. Limitations do not exist with an Avaya IP Office, but peace of mind does. When you require a specific function, whether upon initial installation or 6 months after, you can be sure that an Avaya system will offer it.

Dynamix Solution here in UAE to provides you best Avaya telephone system and solutions.