Bose Audio System

Bose Professional AMM multipurpose loudspeakers feature a passive, coaxial two-way design and purpose-built versatility. Deploy them as mains, monitors, fills, or delays in portable setups or permanent installations. Consistent voicing with Bose Professional AM array modules and Bose Professional AMU utility loudspeakers means you can easily mix and match models from all three lines to create different types of systems.

We Dynamix Solutions ensure Bose Professional sound quality, delivering consistent frequency response, clarity, and projection across the coverage area — a remarkably powerful audio experience for both performers and audiences.

Bose FreeSpace FS loudspeakers are the next step of our widely trusted line of in-ceiling and surface-mount loudspeakers, offering significant upgrades in durability, design, and ease of installation — all with remarkably consistent tonality.

We have Bose Professional Ceiling Speaker, Wall Speakers, Pendent Speakers, Outdoor Garden Speaker, Box Speakers, Array Speakers, Power Amplifier, Sound Processing Unit, Mixer and etc. We are dealing with both active and passive speakers upon the site demand.

As a leading integrator and supplier of Bose pro audio systems in UAE, We ensure the best product for needs.

As an integrator we will handle related works such as Wiring, Connectivity, Installation, Configuration and Support.

BOSE Professional Systems Division has high-quality audio solutions for a wide range of applications, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, leisure centers, corporate facilities, sports arenas, theme parks, and visitor centers. It is important to us that we live up to our reputation as a supplier of the very best professional AV products concerning the application and management of complete system solutions.

Dynamix Solutions provides BOSE Professional products and solutions all over UAE.