Bosch Audio System

Bosch sound system provides High-quality public address and voice evacuation systems. To be truly effective, a public address and emergency sound system must deliver exceptional performance and reliability. The company has provided systems and components for major transportation terminals, houses of worship, public buildings, office buildings, schools and shopping malls around the world.

The advanced features of the PLENA matrix Digital Sound System enable users to achieve superb audio performance with wireless control across up to eight output zones. With audio quality tailored for a wide range of applications – including live music, background music, high-demand speech environments and zone announcement – the PLENA matrix system delivers full featured digital audio control, with maximum flexibility and reliability.

Bosch plug-and-play solution for quality music and outstanding speech intelligibility thanks to multi-zone options. The system can be tailored to any small-to-midsized location depending on sound system requirements and voice announcement capabilities.

Our Microphones offer impressive audio performance for public address and many other applications

We have Bosch Ceiling Speaker, Wall Speakers, Pendent Speakers, Outdoor Garden Speaker, Box Speakers, Array Speakers, Power Amplifier, Sound Processing Unit, Mixer and etc. We are dealing with both active and passive speakers upon the site demand.

As a leading integrator and supplier of BOSCH audio systems in UAE, We ensure the best product for needs.

As an integrator we will handle related works such as Wiring, Connectivity, Installation, Configuration and Support.

BOSCH Systems Division has high-quality audio solutions for a wide range of applications, such as hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, leisure centres, corporate facilities, sports arenas, theme parks, and visitor centres. It is important to us that we live up to our reputation as a supplier of the very best professional AV products concerning the application and management of complete system solutions.

Dynamix Solutions provides BOSCH products and solutions all over UAE.