VAN Sale

Dynamix Solution’s Van sales Software solution can help you to come out of traditional way of delivery. We convert all your business tradings into digital which is transparent and trust.
We meet your highest level of security, real-time monitoring, driver productivity, e-signature, electronic delivery note, and enhanced customer satisfaction.
Our VAN Sale gives you Purchase and Inventory, Sales and Accounting, Van Sales Management Module, Pre-sales Management and Delivery Application and etc.

Our VAN Sale system can be used for Retailers, Wholesales, Manufactures and etc.
We have VAN sale services all over UAE.

Our VAN Sales system makes your business more digital, reliable and helps to advance your staff productivity.

Advantages :-

– Delivery / Sales Reports
– Route Optimization
– Delivery Status Update
– Easy Stock Management
– Automatic Email invoices
– Manage Customer Profile
– Day By Day Report
– End Of the Day Report
– Easy to merge with Back office Software
– Work without internet / Offline
– Offers, Price & Discounts can Manage