Content management systems (CMSs) are the perfect solution for clients that need to frequently update website content such as news, events, specials, information and galleries. A CMS makes it easy for clients, without web development skills, to update their own websites and save on website maintenance fees.

CMS based websites look very similar to regular websites but do need to conform to certain guidelines to be effective. We can achieve the exact look you want in your CMS website with a unique custom design or you can choose from an extensive range of premade website designs.

Our CMS of choice is WordPress which is very widely used due to its ease of use, excellent coding standards, fast speeds and is free of licence fees. Other CMSs we develop in include Joomla, Adobe Business Catalyst, WebDirector and Drupal.


For small to medium sized businesses, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems used. It is extremely easy to use and even those with little IT experience will be able to easily update content on a website. Due to its excellent coding standards, WordPress websites are very search engine friendly, meaning your website is given the best chance of ranking well on search engines like Google with a suitable SEO program.

It is open source CMS which means that there are no expensive ongoing licence fees for your business and that we are free to customise the system to your business’ needs without the lengthy process of obtaining special permission.

WordPress has many plugins available which offer an wide range of additional functionality such as blogging, email newsletters, animated galleries, catalogues and shopping carts. Simply let us know your additional functional requirements and we can find, customise, configure or develop a plugin to meet your needs.

Joomla and Drupal

Joomla and Drupal are two popular content management systems which are suited to small businesses. While we recommend WordPress in most cases, we also develop websites in Joomla or Drupal for the following reasons The client is already familiar with Joomla or Drupal, The client specifically requests development in Joomla or Drupal, Joomla or Drupal offers specific functionality or plugins or modules that WordPress does not currently have.

They are both easy to use so those with little IT experience can easily update website content. They can also be configured for search engine optimization and are both open source CMSs which means no licence fees.

Like WordPress, there are many plugins available which enable additional functionality and we can obtain or develop these for you.


Web Director is a highly scalable content management system suited to medium to large businesses. It is a complete end-to-end web solution with 34 additional software modules available which enable extra functionality and features for your website.

Not only will website maintenance be easy, but your site will be easily found by search engines as WebDirector has been specifically designed with search engine optimisation in mind. All features relevant to search engine optimisation have been built in, including custom URLs, configurable meta data and titles, and Google Analytics.

KwikWeb is an authorised reseller of the WebDirector CMS and as such, we often work with the WebDirector development team to ensure that new and optimal SEO and website features are included in revisions of the CMS. For a full list of software features, please refer to the WebDirector website.

Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe Business Catalyst is a hosted web solution which offers a complete range of functionality for online businesses including Content Management System (CMS), Ecommerce and Online Store, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Email Marketing and Reporting and Analytics.

Business Catalyst is suited to small to large businesses who require feature rich websites that incorporate two or more of the above features. Dynamix Solutions is an official partner of Business Catalyst and has been authorized by Adobe to design and develop websites using the system.