We give you the flexibility to create your own hybrid hosting environment and to confidently transition between each state – all managed end-to-end with our integrated management and monitoring platform, and all supported 24×365 by our team of Dubai UAE based, certified technical engineers.

In Dubai, we are the only organisation that can help you navigate this continuum for different use cases in the same facility and under the same contract, backed by Service Level Guarantees.

Our Data centers are highly certified data centers with globally recognized certifications to ensure business compliance. Our Data Center (DC) service provides customers with a complete computer, networking and storage infrastructure within our world-class data center that is directly under your control. By selecting a Data Center, customers become their own resource managers with the ability to turn up, turn down and size their cloud computing resources at the click of a mouse. This optimization means lower IT costs as well as quick on-demand deployment of new cloud environments.

The DC solution can be connected to any other hosting (DC, dedicated, Colocation) and networking solution and comes in two types: managed and self-managed. In a managed DC, We provides a fully-managed operating system including repair time guarantee, patch management and license management. The self-managed version allows customers to run any kind of operating system or appliance.